How do I join the McGill Debating Union?

There are no try-outs or applications, you simply have to attend our meetings! Show rounds, featuring some of our best debaters, are on Mondays; practices are held on Thursdays. The location and time of our meetings will be posted on the Facebook page and emailed out in the listserv.

I have never debated before/I don’t know anything about current events or politics. Should I still join?

The MDU welcomes debaters of all experience levels. While current events and politics are topics that we debate, they are not the only ones! We debate a huge variety of topics, such as philosophy and ethics, healthcare, economics, education, pop culture, you name it. You don’t need any prior knowledge or experience to have a fun debate. The MDU takes novice (new debaters) training very seriously. If you are new to university debate, or just debate in general, you will be guided through the steps and rules of a debate round, aided in how to construct arguments, and be given constructive feedback from some of the best debaters in the country.

How do I attend tournaments?

We attend numerous tournaments throughout the school year. This past year, we attended the Yale IV, Hart House IV, McMaster Pro-Am, Chancellor’s Cup, Canadian British Parliamentary Championships, North American Debate Championships, North American Women’s Championships, and the World University Debate Championships, just to name a few. You can attend tournaments either as a debater or as a judge. Spots in tournaments is limited, so tournament attendance will be determined based on club commitment, performance at practice, and performance at past tournaments. In most tournaments, there are spots reserved specifically for novices. We try to select our tournament teams such that everyone gets a chance to attend at least one tournament as a debater during the year!

How can I stay updated on practices/tournaments/events?

Like our Facebook page for all practice times and locations, tournaments and events! Also, sign up for our weekly listserv by sending us an email at The listserv includes all practice times and locations for the upcoming week, as well as announcements about upcoming tournaments and events.

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