High School BP Championships 2017!

Our annual High School British Parliamentary Championships are coming up this weekend from Friday the 20th to Saturday the 21st! Schools from all over Canada will be coming to McGill to debate at one of the highest levels of high school competition in the country. Our TD’s Allie McGowan and Keeghan Lucas are ready to host a successful weekend! If […]

Hart House IV 2017 Results!

While the lack of lobster bisque left us all heartbroken, the MDU managed to pull through with McGill BS (Kiana Saint-Macary and Alexander Beaumont) breaking 5th and making it all the way to semifinals! Additionally, Beaumont was 6th speaker and Jamie Sherwin broke as a judge. Great job MDU!

Central Novice 2017 Results!

Another wild Central Novice has passed and McGill novices (unsurprisingly) dominate the tabs! Congrats to “And my Stomach is Sick” (Chloe Shahinian and Janson Kappen) for making semifinals and to “Gotta Gotta Be Down” (Ruth Silcoff and Jacob Silcoff) for making finals. Special congrats to Chloe and Jacob for being 8th and 9th speakers respectively. This tournament could not have […]

McGill has excellent performances at numerous tournaments in the Winter Semester!

This year, the McGill Debating Union has enjoyed immense success competing all over Canada and the United States. At the North American Womens and Gender Minorities Debate Championships held at UBC in March, Yael and Micaela broke first to novice finals! Additionally, Kiana (DCA) and Alyson (IA) both broke as judges! At Monkhouse, held at York University, Jeeventh and Keeghan […]

BP Novice In-House 2016!

Always a fun way to end the semester, we held our semi-annual BP Novice In-House this past weekend. Novices had fun sparring it out, and pros had fun judging! Congratulations to “9am Wine and Cheese” (Yael Lewis and Micaela Lewis), crowned best BP Novices of this year! Yael was top speaker, Micaela was second speaker, and Olivia Stein was third […]

BP Champs 2016!

Congratulations to McGill “The Cigarettes are Coming” (Kiana Saint-Macary and Alexander Beaumont) for winning the British Parliamentary Championships 2016! The tournament was hosted by the University of British Columbia from Nov. 25-27. In addition to winning the tournament, Kiana was second speaker overall and Beaumont was third speaker overall! Congratulations, we are all very proud of you!

UdeM 2016!

The French debates side of the MDU had a great weekend, at the Université de Montréal’s debate tournament from November 4-6! Audrey Boily and Lucas Mathieu were finalists and Lucas was top Novice speaker! Also, Yiu Lau was the top second-language debater! We represent McGill so well in both languages, congratulations!

Huber 2016!

The University of Vermont held their annual Huber Debate tournament from Oct. 28-30. As Chancellor’s was happening that weekend, we sent a slightly smaller contingent, but as usual, the MDU killed it. Congratulations to Daniel Huang and Mishal Araf for breaking to quarterfinals! While most of the MDU was in Kingston, they were representing McGill well farther South. Congratulations again!

Chancellor’s Cup 2016!

McGill had a fantastic weekend at Chancellor’s Cup, held at Queen’s University from October. 28-30. Congratulations to Alexander Beaumont and Alyson Duff for winning the tournament, on a unanimous decision in the final! We also had 3 teams in the novice final (Keeghan Lucas + Jerry Dong, Patrick Becham + Charlotte Tan, Sebastien Nunes + Griffin Smith). The novice final […]

NAUDC 2016!

The 2016 North American Universities Debate Championships was held in Ottawa on October 21-23. McGill had an incredibly successful tournament, in which everyone we sent broke! Kiana Saint-Macary and Alexander Beaumont broke to quarterfinals, and Harrison Walsh, Jamie Sherwin and Mishal Araf all broke as judges! Congratulations to everyone, you represented McGill very well!