Chancellor’s Cup 2016!

McGill had a fantastic weekend at Chancellor’s Cup, held at Queen’s University from October. 28-30.

Congratulations to Alexander Beaumont and Alyson Duff for winning the tournament, on a unanimous decision in the final!

We also had 3 teams in the novice final (Keeghan Lucas + Jerry Dong, Patrick Becham + Charlotte Tan, Sebastien Nunes + Griffin Smith). The novice final was won by McGill-Western Hybrid (feat. Nikita Buchko!). Seeing as we had 7/8 debaters in the novice final, there’s really no question of who has the best novices around 🙂

Also, congratulations to Tim Radcliffe and Justin Kieran who both broke as judges! You all represented the MDU so well, and we couldn’t be prouder.